Friday, May 15, 2009

Ten Fetters

The Ten Fetters are known as the 'Dasa Sanyojana. They are:
1. Sakkhayaditti [personality belief;
2. Vicikiccha [skeptical doubt];
3. Silabbhataparamasa [adherence to wrongful rites];
4. Kamaraga [sensual desire];
5. Patigha [ill-will, hatred];
6. Ruparaga [attachment to form realms];
7. Aruparaga [attachment to formless realms];
8. Mana [conceit, arrogance, self assertion, pride]
9. Vichicca [ restlessness, turmoil of mind]; and
10.Avijja [ ignorance of the Dhamma prevents us from seeing the real nature of things].

Fetter that binds the mind to the cycle of rebirth (see vatta) -
self-identification views (sakkaya-ditthi),
uncertainty (vicikiccha),
grasping at precepts and practices (silabbata-paramasa);
sensual passion (kama-raga),
resistance (vyapada);
passion for form (rupa-raga),
passion for formless phenomena (arupa-raga),
conceit (mana),
restlessness (uddhacca),
and unawareness (avijja).