Friday, May 15, 2009

Ten Fetters

The Ten Fetters are known as the 'Dasa Sanyojana. They are:
1. Sakkhayaditti [personality belief;
2. Vicikiccha [skeptical doubt];
3. Silabbhataparamasa [adherence to wrongful rites];
4. Kamaraga [sensual desire];
5. Patigha [ill-will, hatred];
6. Ruparaga [attachment to form realms];
7. Aruparaga [attachment to formless realms];
8. Mana [conceit, arrogance, self assertion, pride]
9. Vichicca [ restlessness, turmoil of mind]; and
10.Avijja [ ignorance of the Dhamma prevents us from seeing the real nature of things].

Fetter that binds the mind to the cycle of rebirth (see vatta) -
self-identification views (sakkaya-ditthi),
uncertainty (vicikiccha),
grasping at precepts and practices (silabbata-paramasa);
sensual passion (kama-raga),
resistance (vyapada);
passion for form (rupa-raga),
passion for formless phenomena (arupa-raga),
conceit (mana),
restlessness (uddhacca),
and unawareness (avijja).

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Antique Buddhas said...

There are various explanation on Fetters in Buddhist tradition.
But these are some of the fetters that are common in all the buddhist tradition.
A. Wrongful Doubt (especially when against the teachings)
B. Wrongful Attachment to Rules and Rituals
C. Sensual Lust
D. Conceit or Arrogance
E. Ignorance