Monday, April 28, 2008


Two artists were commissioned to create pictures which expresses the idea of stillness.
One artist drew a lake. The surface of the water was as still and smooth as a mirror. In the background, he painted beautiful flowers growing around the lakeside. The scenery was reflected/mirrored in the perfect stillness of the water.
The other artist, painted a picture of a waterfall. Streams of water rushed and tumbled in a turbulent cascade down to a creek. A small tree stood nearby. On the top of the tree there was a bird's nest, and there in the nest a little bird lay asleep.
Guess, which of the artists expressed the meaning of stillness more convincingly? Artist number 2 won.
Moral of the story:Painting 1 is lifeless and passive. Painting 2 expressed inner stillness. As the famouse Zen quote says "Change comes from within..."

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